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Our Story


Twozone Chicken serves the freshest, tender and most flavorful chicken in Oregon. Our very own speciality is that our chicken is in one box with 3 different flavors that you can choose. Twozone Chicken is well known in Korea, we have variety of chicken and sauce options that you can choose from. We use antibiotic-free and comes from free-range sustainable farm and chicken is always fresh and never frozen.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the most delicious and authentic Korean fried chicken experience possible. We aim to create a welcoming atmosphere where our customers can relax and enjoy our mouth-watering chicken, made with the highest quality ingredients and cooked to perfection.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our food to our customer service. We strive to make every customer feel valued and appreciated, and we take pride in providing a positive and memorable dining experience.

We are passionate about bringing the unique flavors and culture of Korean fried chicken to our local community, and we are dedicated to constantly improving and innovating to exceed our customers' expectations.


At Twozone Chicken, we believe that food brings people together, and we are honored to be a part of our customers' lives by providing them with a delicious and enjoyable dining experience.


Our vision is to become the premier destination for Korean fried chicken lovers worldwide. We aim to set the standard for excellence in the industry by consistently delivering the highest quality chicken, exceptional customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates Korean culture.

We strive to be recognized as the go-to destination for authentic Korean fried chicken, known for our innovative and delicious flavors, fresh ingredients, and unparalleled commitment to quality.

We envision a future where Twozone Chicken is a global brand, with multiple locations across the world, and a reputation for being the best in the business. We aim to continue to innovate and evolve, always staying ahead of the curve and delighting our customers with new and exciting flavors and experiences.

Above all, we aspire to create a legacy of excellence, where the name Twozone Chicken is synonymous with exceptional Korean fried chicken, and where our customers always leave our restaurant feeling happy, satisfied, and eager to return.

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